Happy mom and daughter celebrate Christmas

It is the time of year again when I start feeling resentful because I KNOW for a fact that my husband doesn’t know what to get me for Christmas – or my birthday, which are but days apart.

Then again, I realise it’s my fault because I probably don’t even know what I would love.

A friend of mine’s family does wish lists. So all you have to do is buy an item off their wish list and DONE! 

I’ve never had that culture in my family. We’ve just always seemed to buy great gifts for each other. Especially my aunt – I’m still using her thermos and her towel and she gave those to me some time in the 2000’s!

But now I think it might be a great idea to come up with wish lists. It would help me narrow down what I actually love (hello, authentic self!) and it *might* help my husband get a clue as to what I love as well (for ahem future reference like Mother’s Day ahem random unbirthdays… lol).

So here is my personal list of 5 Christmas presents that I think I would love to receive. If you also have a tired, exhausted, bored, uninspired mom in your household, try these gift ideas, they might love them too!

A Coupon Booklet

I love the idea of these coupon booklets. I first saw one for Valentine’s Day and of course it had a number of acts I cannot mention on this family-friendly blog LOL.

But hey they work great for any occasion, so why not for a Christmas present as well. I certain know at least ONE mom who would love to receive these (points heartily at self!!!).

Think chores moms always in charge of – laundry, dishes, vacuuming, cooking dinner, preparing the kids for school… And give them coupons for each of these things so that you’ll do it instead of them!

Ooooh, make a coupon where a professional cleaner or organiser comes into your home and spruces up the place a little bit. (I WANT THAT)

And then come up with a couple of coupons that are for stuff they like, a Sunday brunch outing, a special high tea picnic in the garden, a heart-shaped pancake breakfast day, a nice wine-in-bath tub moment, a shoulder and neck massage… I’m sure you can think of ways to pamper a tired mom!

Gosh, I can’t even imagine what it must be like to just receive such a present with everything you’ve ever wanted on each of those coupons!!!

Of course, it doesn’t work if you just give her that coupon booklet and not actually fulfill each and every one of them!

Goodiebox promises 19 full-sized items out of 24!

An Advent Calendar

I LOVE advent calenders. I love the idea of trying to keep all that feeling of mystery and suspense inside of you while disciplining yourself to only open ONE surprise a day.

I especially love beauty, skincare and makeup advent calendars. I’d love Goodiebox’s advent calendar but at a price point of €100, yeahhhhh I’m not so sure about that. I’d love if we were rich enough to say that’s nothing, but it’s A LOT. 

So one year I got myself an advent calendar that cost €10, but wow was I incredibly disappointed. The quality of everything sucked so bad, it would have been better had I not gotten it at all! (Tossed most of it!)

Think about what your gift recipient would love. There are so many unique advent calendars on the market now – wine advent calendars, sock advent calendars, even adult toy calendars (30% filled with toys!)! There are even muesli bar advent calendars for the fitness mama’s!

But, you don’t have to purchase advent calendars. After all, the guy behind the first printed advent calendar (in the early 20th century) received candies from his mother in his advent calendars as he was growing up. Before commercialism, the idea was always to slip in little trinkets, from poems to Bible verses to little Christmas figurines to sweets.

So you can definitely make it yourself, and I’m sure any mom would love receiving an advent calendar that’s personalised just for them.

All you need is 24 boxes / baggies / cubbies, and fill ’em up with things you know they’ll love! 

One of the more expensive things I’ve ever invested in but SUCH A WORTHWHILE INVESTMENT!

A Weighted Blanket

Now this is one that I don’t actually need – but only because I already have one! But for any mom that doesn’t have one, boy, do you need to!

My life changed when we got our first weighted blanket. I know a lot of people explain how it feels by saying it feels like a nice hug, but nope, that’s not what it is for me. It’s a cocoon that actively wraps itself around you, closer and closer, until you feel completely safe and protected.

The weighted pressure definitely helps me fall asleep. I cannot put my weighted blankie on me in the couch and not fall asleep in a matter of minutes!

For any mom who struggles with insomnia, or trouble going back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night, a weighted blanket will really help. That’s why I got one for my husband and now my son sleeps with one as well. Now that I’ve discovered a whole new level of comfort and luxury – I don’t think I can EVER go back to a non-weighted blanket now!

Yes, I currently sous vide with a meat thermometer. Don’t judge LOL ?

A Sous Vide Machine

I’ve been in love with the idea of sous vide cooking since I learnt about it years and years ago. Sous vide literally means “under vacuum” in French (apparently), and it refers to the process of vacuum-sealing food in a bag and then cooking it in a water bath at a precise temperature for a period of time.

This technique is supposed to help amateur home chefs like me recreate restaurant-worthy cooking like no other cooking method ever can, and that’s why it’s been on my wish list for forever.

I’m sure that for any mom who loves to cook and appreciates fine cuisine, it will also be a gift from heaven!

The one thing that has always held me back has been the price. Every sous vide machine I’ve seen usually comes with double 00’s behind the first number.

However, now that the sous vide hype has been around a while, it seems like more affordable sous vide machines are appearing on the market. You can easily get a sous vide stick from just €65! Yup, now this is definitely going back on my wish list for sure! 😛

Photo by Marzena Marideko, as featured on Decoholic

A Reading Nook

I would LOVE this, probably more than all the above things. I would love a little corner in the house, near some windows so I can get some natural light, with a cushiony recliner, a soft cosy rug for under my feet, a couple of cubbies for books, a little tablette for my tea or coffee…

Okay while we’re at it, a new coffee machine, like this one! It’s eco-friendlier than my current Dolce Gusto (though I use reusable capsules so it’s fine for now, but it’s getting harder to find the good ones!), and oh so pretty! ?

And to top it all off, a nice, warm, shoulder neck massage device. 

Yup, okay I want this last one the most! ALL OF IT 😛